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The estate where our winery is located today has belonged to the Giatras family for centuries. In fact, there are still documents from the 18th century attesting our relationship with the area.


The great grandfather of Giannis (current owner) plants the first olive trees in the family's estate.


In the late 19th century the first two-storey house is built in our land. The building will not survive the great earthquake of 1953. However, later on it will be renovated by Giannis Giatras.


Giannis's grandfather plants the first vineyards in the area where the winery is located today. These vineyards were abandoned by the family during the period 1930-1940, in between wars, due to drought and famine.


Giannis, the current owner, is born and spends the first years of his life in the family estate.


He plants new vineyards and cultivates the existing ones in the area where the winery is situated today.


Giannis begins producing wine in larger quantities and renovates all the buildings that are situated in the winery area.


The first phase of renovation is complete and the winery welcomes its first visitors.

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